RareND Club

RareND raises awareness and education with rare disease patients, their service organzations, caregivers and researchers (on-campus patient engagement is supported by Nurse Calhoun, CRND). They volunteer in local clinics with medically fragile children. Check out the full range of activities on Facebook (Rare ND)!

The club aims to develop student initiatives oriented to spreading awareness and recognition of rare diseases.  RareND will work towards its goals by:

A. Coordinating discussion-based meetings with club members, student leaders, and faculty on rare disease topics.
B. Developing events such as fundraisers and contests to spread awareness to undergraduate students.
C. Collaborate with professionals in the rare disease field to organize a research conference.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the RareND Club or would like more information, please email Barb Calhoun at bcalhoun@nd.edu