MNID 2017 Schedule

Author: Kasturi Haldar


Sunday August 27th 2017,  Jordon 105

Registration is free but required.

Please send registration and abstracts to Corianne Kellems at


We will start at noon, lunch will be served.

Program begins at 1:00 pm.

First session will be a joint session between MNID and the Midwest Microbial Pathogenesis Conference.

Deadline for registration and submission for abstracts for 10 min small talks and posters is August 23rd.


1.00-1.10. Introduction                        

Session I          Bridging the Gap:   co-infection and co-morbidity across prokaryotic and eukaryotic Pathogens.  Supported by PLOS Pathogens

Chairs:             Patricia Champion, Josh Shrout  (UND).

1.10-1.25         Chair remarks.

1.25-1.40         Laura Knoll, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison.  Contributions of the Protozoan Microbiome to the Gut-Brain Axis.

1.45-2.00         Grace Sundeen, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Using BioID to Identify Potential Protein Interactors of Tetanus Neurotoxin                                                       

2.05-2.20         Mahmoud Ghannoum, Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.  Candida and mycobiome connections to Crohn’s disease.                              

2.25-2.40         Nur A. Hasan, University of Maryland, College Park/ CosmosID Precision Metagenomics to Address Changing Landscape of Pathogen Detection, Microbiome Characterization.                                                                 

2.45-4.15         Coffee Break, Mixer and Posters


Session II                             

4.15–4.30        Ke Hu, Indiana University Bloomington.  Toxoplasma cell biology

4.35-4.50         Vicky Jeffers, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis   Toxoplasma epigenetics and drug resistance

4.55-5.10         Bibo Li   Cleveland State University.  T. brucei TRF binds the telomeric transcript TERRA and suppresses its level


5.15-6.45         Dinner


6.50-7.05         Matt Anderson   The Ohio State University, Columbus.  Mutation and Sexual Recombination Shape Intraspecies Variation in Candida albicans

7.10-7.25         Sumiti Vinayak    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Molecular genetics of Cryptosporidium parvum: identifying and validating novel

drug targets


7.30 -10.00       Mixer and Posters


Monday August 28th DVT Theater (by Jordan Hall).  Note Venue Change


8.00-9.00          Breakfast.


Session III

9.00-9.15         Kasturi Haldar, University of Notre Dame. Plasmodium Drug Resistance: Artemisinins

9.20-9.35         Min Zhang, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis Malaria: latency and translational control in Artemisinin resistance.

9.40-9.55        Qian Shen, The Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, The Histoplasma Ctr3 transporter facilitates copper acquisition inside the phagosome when activated macrophages switch from copper overloading to copper restriction.

10.00-10.15    Alfredo Guerra, University of Michigan.  T. gondii Perforin-like Protein 1 C-terminal Domain has a unique fold necessary for membrane binding,

10.20-10.35    Sanofar Abdeen, Indiana University School of Medicine Inhibiting HSP60/10 chaperonin systems – A unique polypharmacological strategy for targeting Trypanosoma brucei parasites.


10.40-11.00   Coffee Break


11.00-11.15    Miguel Morales, University of Notre Dame.  Development of novel anti-Leishmania Chemotherapeutics.

11.20-11.35    Steve Templeton, Indiana University School of Medicine. Adiponectin inhibits eosinophil recruitment and is protective in invasive aspergillosis.

11.40-11.55    Michal Olszsewski, University of Michigan. Immunology of Cryptococcus.

12.00-12.15    Raj Gaji Indiana University School of Medicine A unique plant-like nuclear kinase plays an essential role in acute toxoplasmosis.


12.15-                 Wrap Up



Steering Committee:


Vern Carruthers, University of Michigan  

Kasturi Haldar, University of Notre Dame                    

Laura Knoll, University of Wisconsin                             

Michal Olszewski, University of Michigan

Chad Rappleye, The Ohio State University                  

William Sullivan, Indiana University School of Medicine                           

David Williams, Rush University


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